Best Tie and Dye Dresses

A few days back I was doing a quick research about handloom and handicraft of India and just realised how tie and dye is not only used by Indian designer but also by some really amazing national and international brands in their casual wear, They look very trendy and chic.

So thought of writing a blog on best tie and dye dresses which you can buy online.

tie and dye is available in different styles and patterns, right from short aline dresses to bohemian maxi dresses, from cute crop tops to trousers. They are available in nice colours to brighten up your day.

(Have added quick Tips to take Care and Maintain your Tie and Dye Garment at the bottom of the blog )

Here are few Tie and Dye looks that might woo you too:

1) Short A-line Dresses:

Below is an example of acute tie and dye dress from forever 21. It is a perfect day dress for brunch with friends. Layer it up with a shrug or denim jacket or simply wear it with a cute pair of sneaker and you are good to go.

tie and dye aline dress

Above dress is from Forever 21 you can buy the same or explore more here.


2) Midi Dress:

Any dress or skirt that has a hem which ends at halfway between the knee and ankle is called a midi dress. Below is an Indowestern midi dress from Athena, style it with chunky jewellery and pair it up with a nice pair of heels. You can add a belt to define your waist. It is an easy casual summer look.

tie and dye Midi dress for Indian female

Want to check more options of Indoweaster tie and dye midi dress than click here.


3) Maxi Dress:

Maxi dresses are pretty and comfortable to wear. These are full-length dresses which are very feminine and are apt for day outings. If bodycon dresses are not your type than maxi dresses should be on your checklist.

forever 21 tie and dye Maxi dress

Above dress is again from Forever 21 you can buy it or explore more here.


4) Skirts:

The tie and dye skirt is perfect for all body type right from curvy to a toned body.  Whether you team it up with a simple Tshirt or a silk cami, It is a pretty great comfortable garment. A midi skirt is perfect formal meetings or even for a brunch with you girls.

Tie and Die Midi Skirt

Above Skirt is from Mango you can buy the same or explore more here.


5) Crop tops/Tshirts:

Tie and dye crop tops and T-shirt are chic casual daily wear, you can wear them with shorts or torn denim. layer it up with a cool denim jacket or a shrug.

tie and dye t shirt options

You can find more options for Tie and dye t-shirt or tops here. 


6) Shorts:

Cotton tie and dye short are comfortable home or casual wear. You can pair them up with a loose t-shirt or a top. They are sporty as well as trendy at the same time. You can also wear them over a swimsuit for a pool party or to your next beach trip. (If you want to check beach looks for Women in India you can check here)

tie and dye home wear shorts

Want to check more options of tie and dye Shorts than click here.

7) Trousers:

Loose cotton trousers are best as casual wear, add an element of tie and dye to it and create a great bohemian look. You can add junky jewellery and wear it with flats.

tie and dye casual trousers


8) Kurtis:

In India, Kurtis is a must-have element of your wardrobe. It can be worn anywhere. You can wear the same kurti as formal wear, casual wear or as traditional wear if styled it correctly for the occasion.

Tie and Dye kurti for Indian Female

Above Kurti is from Indie Picks, you can explore more here. 


9) Sarees:

Saree makes a woman look elegant, gorgeous and stylish. It can be worn in different ways that define its versatility and beauty. It is an outfit that can be worn on almost all occasions.

Tie and dye saree for Indian female

Above saree is a cotton silk shibori saree from Indie picks, you can explore more sarees here.


10) Bags:

Tie and dye is also available in different style of bags, You can find them in a clutch to ling bag, laptop to yoga bags.

options of bags

You can find some cool tie and dye bags here.


11) Footwear:

You can also buy tie and dye footwear and can break the momo chromatic chain. They look different and not many people wear that kind of footwear so you can look out of the box by adding just this element to your wardrobe.

Options for shoes


There you have it, a quick look on best tie and dye dresses by national and international brands available online in India.


Now I will like to add some more points on the dying techniques of India and how to take care of them for my readers, if you want to know more please continue reading.


Different types of Traditional Tie and Dye Techniques of India:

  1. Bandhani: This Technique was stated by the Khatri community of Gujarat and is even in historical texts like the Harshacharita.Word Bandhani is derived from a Sanskrit word Banda which means “to tie”
  2. Leheriya: A simple dyeing from Rajasthan, the name derived from the pattern it forms, that is like waves, which is called Leheriya in Rajasthani.
  3. Double Ikat: It is a dyeing technique in with the yarns are dyed before weaving the fabric. The traditional techniques are still practised in 3 states of India, Gujarat(Patola), Andhra Pradesh(Pochampally Sari) and Telangana(Puttapaka Saree).

DIY Tie and Dye at home.

There are many different ways in which you can do tie and dye

at home. I have made a list of few effects which are really easy and interesting and they look really beautiful in the end.

  • Marble or Crunch Effect: For this effect, you have to crunch full cloth/T-shirt or anything you want to dye and make a ball out of it. Wrap the ball with three to six rubber bands in a crisscross overlap so that it is intact. Put on your rubber gloves and add 2 or more colours on randomly.
  • Spiral or Sun Effect. Pull the fabric/T-shirt or anything you want to dye from the centre area and twist it in one direction so the fabric forms a flattened and looks like a rose. Secure the Fabric with thread or rubber bands so that it does not move. Randomly pore at least 2 or more dyeing colours on the fabric. Make sure to do it on both sides of the fabric.
  • Circle or Bulleye Effect: Select the point where you want the bullseye or the centre of the circle to appear, then pull a tiny bit of the fabric up and twist and pinch with your fingers and make it like a cone. Tie it at least at 3 areas leaving equal distance in between them. Pore different colours on it and let it dry.
  • Strips and squares Effects: For this effect fold the fabric completely from left to right or from bottom to up in small pleats. Tie thread or use rubber bands evenly in the pleated fabric to keep it intact. Now you can either soak the entire fabric in the dye or pore some dye on it manually. Again let it dry for at least 24 hours. Cut open the rubber bands or threads and again let the fabric dry completely. Wash it with cold water and let it dry again.
Once you are done with the above process let it dry for at least 24 hours. Cut open the rubber bands or threads and again let the fabric dry completely. Wash it with cold water and let it dry again.


I thought it will be better to understand the process if it is in the form of video, so looked for it on the internet and found 2 interesting videos which not has the above mention Effects but many other too…




If you want to try your hands-on some Effects Tie and Dye colours are easily available only, you can check them here.  


Now let’s talk about how to Maintain your tie and dye handloom garments so that they do not fade and last longer.

Tips to take care of and maintain your tie and dye garment.

  • Add 1/4 cup of vinegar or salt for first few washes.
  • Always wash separately to check for colour bleeding.
  • Avoid machine wash as it leads to quick colour fading.
  • Don’t leave the pile of wet clothes unattended, dry immediately.
  • Dry in shade as the direct Sun can lead to Fading and shrinkage.
  • Iron at a moderate temperature.
  • If tie and dye is on exclusive silk yarns, stick to dry-cleaning only.


I hope this post of best tie and dye dresses has helped you, if you need help on specific outfits or have any questions on tie and dye or any other handlooms or handicrafts Please make sure to leave me a comment below!






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