What Footwear To Wear With Kurti

Footwear plays an essential role in every outfit. After all, the right footwear can quickly make or break your look. So, if you want to appear stylish, it’s important to have the right shoes to complete and complement every look. In this article, we will discuss what footwear to wear with kurti for different occasions.


This is a long and detailed article about the best footwear to wear with kurtis so if you are in a hurry here is a quick list of products I really like and recommend you personally.

(ps: At the end of the article I have also made a list of things you should keep in mind while buying new footwear)

Formal workwear:

Shoes reflect your personality, your attire is the first thing that marks the first impression on others and so does shoes. It is very important to wear the right footwear at your workplace. Remember they should not just be good looking but comfortable too because you have to spend at least 6 to 8 hours in them. Click here to check the type of footwear I prefer as a workwear look

Casual day look:

For a casual day in your college or outdoor adventure give your kurti a twist by pairings it up with a pair of denim and with the most comfortable shoes. I have handpicked a few casual shoes that you can pair with any kurti right from short kurti to a long mulmul kurta they will all look good with it. You can find them here.

Party look:

A perfect pair of heels is what you need to complete a party look. I have selected a few party heels for you which you need and your wardrobe to mix and match not only with kurtis but also with look good with Indo western dresses. Just click here and explore

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What Footwear To Wear With Kurti!


1) Jutti/ Mojri

Traditionally they were made up of leather and with extensive embroidery and were adored by the royals. Today they are back in fashion and comes in many variations.

You can check beautiful Mojri and Jutti’s here.

mojadi for what footwear to wear with kurti


Style Tip: In the picture above I have paired a navy blue straight kurta with a simple blue hand-painted leather mojari’s by Haelli and a Dastak jutti by Vareli Bafna which is an elegant printed jutti with zari border.

The look is perfect for an evening dinner with your family and friends.


2) Kolhapuri

According to historic records, Kolhapuris were first worn in as early as the 13th century. Karnataka leather industry board claims that these chappals were made in Kapsi village in Karnataka and were sold in front of Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur while some claim these chappals originated from Kolhapur itself.

You can buy a Kolhapuri chappal from here.

Kolhapuri chappals

Style Tip: Here the lemon yellow khadi kurta with is paired with orange flat Kolhapuri chappals for a natural look or you can also pair them with a maroon block heel Kolhapuri sandals to add a pop of color.

Pair this kurta and Kolhapuri footwear with a nice cigarette pant or simple leggings for an elegant office look.


3) Flats

Flat chappals are the most basic and easy footwear to wear with kurti. They are the 1st choice of anyone because they look good with any type of kurti. You can style them in multiple ways and wear them on different occasions.

flat chappals

Style Tip: In the image above I have selected a simple Aline kurta with pink casual pants and have paired it with rose gold and maroon flat chappals for a simple ethnic look. You can accessories it with rose gold earrings to complete the look.

While as a second option I have selected a multi-colour toe ring Chapple and add an element of colour. Complete that look with a bohemian earring.


4) Bellies

Bellies are essentially flat footwear with a close-toed and close back design. They are the best options in footwear as they are not only comfortable but always in trend.

bellies for what footwear to wear with kurti article

Style Tip: In the above image I have paired a mint green knee-length kurta with nude bellies and a black bellies with beautiful black floral embroider. Both of them are basic and can go with any kind of Kurtis. They are a must-have in your wardrobe. Think of them as your wise investment for your wardrobe.

The above look is best for a casual day with your friends.


5) Mules

Mules are a type of footwear that is closed from the front about has no back. Traditionally they were used in Europes as home or bathroom slippers and not worn in public. But with the change in time and fashion mules have changed in style and purpose and are no longer remained just home shippers but are worn at any time, and for any occasion


Style Tip: In the above picture, I have styled the navy Anarkali Kurti and palazzo with basic tanned mules for a casual look. While you can opt for the beige mule with delicate floral embroidery if you want to pump up the look.

It is best for a simple dinner with friends or work colleagues, just accessories the looking with beautiful silver jumkas and a silver watch.


6) Box/Block Heels

Box or block heels are fairly self-explanatory, they can range from a low square heel on a flat shoe to a fashionable cylindrical heel. You can select one according to your comfort and style. They are perfect as formal wear for your office look or can also look classy at a party. You can select one for the vide variety according to the occasion.

You can buy a box/block heels from here.

box heels

Style Tip: Here I have tried to create 2 looks with the same kurti. In the first look, I have selected basic nude block heels for a formal look. Style it with small hoops and a simple watch to complete the look.

While in the second look, I have selected shiny sliver box heels of a casual party look. Accessories with silver chandelier earrings to complete the look.


7) Wedges

Wedges are shoes and boots with a sole in the form of a wedge, such that one piece of material, serves as both the sole and the heel. It is said that Greek theatre actors used to wear these shoes to signify status. But in late 1930  Salvatore Ferragamo introduced the design to the Italian market.  The evolution of wedge heels became more colourful and outrageous through the 1970s-1990s.

wedges heels

Style Tip: I think the right accessories can completely change the mood of a garment. Here again, I have given 2 options of footwear and that will give a completely new look to the teal Anarkali kurta.

In the 1st option, I have selected a basic strappy nude wedge heel which gives it a nice casual look for a lunch date with your girl gang. While the second option is a beautiful gold Kohalpuri wedge heel with contrast embroidery, perfect for as a festive look. Just accessories it with gold jhumkis to complete the look.


8) Stilettoes

A stiletto heel is a long, thin, high heel. The word stiletto applied to a heel is derived from a knife or dagger stiletto. The length of the heel can vary from 1 inch to 10 inches. They alter the wearer’s posture and gait, flexing the calf muscles and making the bust and buttocks more prominent, and because of the same reason, it is an essential part of fashion shows.

You can buy Stilettoes from here.

stiletto heel

Style Tip: Here is a mustered kurti with gota patti and mukesh work on it, a simple and elegant festive kurti. Match it with a strappy nude or a dull gold pump stilettoes to look classy at any party or friend’s wedding. Accessories the look with chandbalis or kundan earrings for complete the look.


9) Sneakers

Sneakers are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise but are now also widely used for everyday wear because of their comfort.

You can buy Sneakers from here.

sneakers for what footwear to wear with kurti blog

Style Tip: this look is perfect for college going girls or girls who like to add a twist to fashion.  Wear comfortable short cotton kurti with denim and sneakers for a casual college look.

Here is have paired an indigo short kurta with a cool light blue white tie up puma sneakers or you can also pair it with navy blue fabric casual shoe and a backpack.


Now you know what footwear to wear with kurti, so lets us also see what things you should keep in mind while buying them.

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List Of Footwear To Wear With Kurti:

Here is a quick list of footwear that you can wear with kurti a suitable occasion:

Sr No.

Type of Footwear 

Occasion / Look

1) Jutti / Mojri Traditional, Wedding functions, Family functions
2) Kolhapuris Traditional, Family functions, Casual daily look
3) Flats Traditional, Family functions, Casual daily look
4) Bellies Casual daily look.
5) Mules Regular casual wear, Office formal wear.
6) Box / Block heels Casual, Officewear
7) Wedges Casual, Officewear
8) Stilettoes  Wedding functions, Family functions, Partes and event
9) Sneakers Casual


 A quick list of things you should keep in mind while buying new footwear.

1. Material:

Make sure the material of the shoe is of good quality. These days footwear comes in a wide range of materials, make sure you select a good material.

2. Comfort:

Always remember they should not just be good looking but comfortable too because you have to spend a lot of time in them.

3. Breathability:

It keeps your foot cool and dry.

4. Stability:

A shoe’s stability prevents twisted ankles and other issues that may arise when walking especially when you are very a heel.

5. Colour:

There are too many options available in the market these days. Matching up the colour of shoes to your outfit and handbag is an ideal way to have a fashionable style but if you want to be practical select a footwear that complements most of your outfit. There are few colours like black, tan, brown, nude, etc goes well for formal and casual wear.  While for festive you can opt for gold, silver, nude, etc.

6. Fit:

Always check your foot size and the brand’s chat before you buy because size may, and often does, vary from brand to brand.

7. Price:

A high-priced shoe doesn’t guarantee a better shoe than, say, one in a middle price range. Value is what matters most, but don’t be afraid of spending extra money for a shoe made of the best materials that feel like magic on your feet.


Here I end my article on what footwear to wear with kurti. I hope you liked it do comment and let me know which is your favourite look.

Also, do comment if you have any other questions about any footwear or kurti, I will love to answer them. 🙂



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