Best Clothing Brands In Amazon India

Recently I got a mail asking about the best clothing brands in Amazon India for women. Amazon is not only 1 of the biggest online site in India but also is 1 of the most trusted 1. You get everything on Amazon right from basic household thing to the most expensive electronic appliances and home furniture.

So here is a list of Top clothing brands in Amazon India for women that you must try.


Summary :

1) Western formal:

Here is a link of all the top western formal wear brands on Amazon. (Handpicked)

2) Western casual:

If you are looking for western casual wear, I have clubbed all the best brands here.

3) Ethnic wear:

Ethnic wear is one of the most bought categories on Amazon India There are many good brands for the same. You can have a look at my brand’s ethnic wear here.

4) Sport and Activewear

You need good sport and activewear in whatever activity you do. Gym or pilates and Zumba, running or walking outdoor, or yoga indoor good shoes and basic gear is a must. I have selected all the good brands on Amazon from where you can buy all that you need without worrying about the quality. Click here to check.

5) Lingerie and Sleepwear:

One of my personal favourite category. You just can’t have enough of this. There are so many of my favourite brands. Have a look here.


Let’s start with Best clothing brands in Amazon India:

1) Western formal

Van Heusen

If you are looking for basic formal wear this is the brand you must try. Its is also one of the top-selling and well-reviewed brand for formalwear on Amazon.

What all you get under this brand: Men and Women’s includes formal and casual clothing & innerwear. The brand also keeps bags and footwear in accessories.

They have also come up with reusable face mask and are one of the top-selling.

Price: Moderate


Van Heusen in Amazon


Vero Moda

Vero Moda is named among the most popular fashion brands in India today. This brand is girly but chic at the same time. Spice up your formal collection by adding this brand to your wardrobe.

What all you get under this brand: Vero Moda has a huge collection of women clothing. You get everything from a basic t-shirt, dresses to formal blazers and suits, from torn denim and shorts to formal pants/skirts. They also have an amazing collection of accessories and footwear.

Price Range: Moderate.

Vero Moda



Annabelle By Pantaloons

A brand under pantaloons, Annabelle offers western fashion wear for the modern-day woman. Minimal yet stylish, they will make an amazing addition to any wardrobe. Annabelle clothing fits perfectly at the workplace as well as at any classy restaurants dates.

What all you get under this brand: This brand has a huge collection of formal wear, right from shirts, top, dress to trousers and skirts and jackets and shrugs to waistcoat and blazers.

Price Range: Pocket friendly.




1 more brand under this list from pantaloon is Honey. The brand is girly by professional at the same time for fun and youthful.

What all you get under this brand: Dresses, tops and t-shirts to trousers and jeggings.

Price Range: Pocket friendly.

Honey By Pantaloons

Marks and Spencers

Marks & Spencer offers high-quality fashion and homeware products.

What all you get under this brand: Marks and spencers is 1 brand under which you can everything right from formal and casual wear for men and women to innerwear and swimwear. They also have the most comfortable lingerie and sleepwear collection.

Mark & Spencer also have a huge collection of beauty products which includes bath and body wash to mist and perfumes.

Price Range: Expensive


Brand M&S for best brands in Amazon India

Check current discounts/offers on western formal here.

2) Western Casual wear:


Only is a peppy and a sporty brand under the company named Bestseller. The company was founded in the year 1975 by Troels Holch Povlsen in Denmark.  Originally the company’s focus was on women’s fashion, but later it introduced children’s clothing in 1986 and menswear in 1988.

What all you get under this brand: You get everything in women clothing under this brand, right from jumpsuits to dresses and sweatshirts to dangrees and denim.

Price Range: Moderate

Only in Amazon



What all you get under this brand:

Price Range:

Levis look from Amazon


Amazon Brand – Symbol

What all you get under this brand:

Price Range:


Amazon brand Symbols


Max is a UAE based pocket-friendly brand and was established in India in 2006. Now, Max India has a reach that extends to over 60 cities and has a loyal customer base of over 5.5 million

What all you get under this brand: Max offers apparel, footwear and accessories for women, men and kids.

Price Range: Pocket friendly.




Amazon Brand – Myx

If you are looking for contemporary clothing then this is the brand for you. They have an amazing fusion of Indian fabrics and motifs with western silhouettes.

What all you get under this brand: Kurtas to kurta dresses and tops and shirts to skirts, palazzos to trousers.

Price Range: Pocket friendly.


Amazon brand Myx

Check the latest offers and discount on the western casual on here.

3) Ethnic


So here I end my article about the best Clothing Brands in Amazon India for women. I still was not able to cover all the brands on Amazon and will soon another article on the remaining brands.


I hope you liked my article and if you have any questions on any brands or wanna know about any other brands do drop me a message or comment below will love to answer them.  🙂



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