Best Brands for Women’s Formal Wear

There are so many friends of mine who are working in the corporate world tend to ask me the same question “which brands are good for formal wear in India”. So thought of writing a post on Best Brands for Women’s Formal Wear.

The major reason why dressing in proper formal attire is important for any person in the corporate industry is because it represents a visual image and sends a message that the employe is sincere and professional. Corporate females are becoming more and more brand conscious. They now don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on buying quality branded clothing which is comfortable and stylish at the same the time.


 Formal wear for women in India is divided into 2 main Category:

  • Western formals.

  • Ethnic/Indian formals.


* In this article I will not only discuss the best brands for women’s formal wear but the silhouette and do’s and don’t for the same. So if you are in a hurry this is a quick summary for you

For western formals, I recommend brands like H&M, Forever21, Mango, M&S, Wills Lifestyle and many more which you can check here.

For ethnic formals, I recommend brands like Ritu Kumar, FabIndia, global desi, W and Biba which can be found here,


Best Brands for Women’s Formal Wear in India.

Let’s start with brands for western formals which are also available online:

1) H&M:

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish retail brand, it opened its 1st store in India in 2015 and now there are over 40 stores and is also available online. It is one of the most loved brands in metropolitan cities. It’s a medium scale brand and won’t damage your pocket that much.

Below is an example of an airy cotton shirt with a collar from H&M, which is perfect formal wear for any corporate firm. Its is a loose fitted stripe shirt which is comfortable for a long day at the office.


women's formal wear shirt from h&m

 You can buy more H&M products here.


2) Forever21:

Forever21 was founded in Los Angeles in the year 1984, it came to India in 2010. It’s a very affordable brand and prices of the products start at as low as Rs.199. They have literally everything under their brand, right from women and men clothing (outer and innerwear) to jewellery, footwear, bags and other accessories.

For example this black pleated midi skirt from Forever21. You can pair it with a pastel colour top and a sling bag for your corporate chic office look.


black Formal skirt from forever21

 You can buy more Forever21 products here.


3) Marks and Spencer:

Marks & Spencer offers high-quality fashion and homeware products. It was founded in London more than a century ago and has above 1450 stores in around 55 countries. Marks & Spencer came to India in 2001, Since the first store they have successfully opened above 45 stores across different cities in India.

Below is a blue solid sheath dress from marks and spencer. Marks and Spencer always has an amazing collection of linen and cotton office and casual wear. I personally like the lingerie collection too.


formal wear dress for women

 You can buy more marks and spencer product here.


4) Mango:

Mango is a Spanish brand which was established in 1984 in Barcelona. It is one of the best brands for women’s formal wear.

Below is pink linen front open blazer with a shawl collar from Mango. If you are looking for a corporate look for your next meeting, then pair this blazer with a white shirt/top and wear it with linen pants. Wear minimalistic jewellery to complete the look.


women's formal wear blazer from Mango

 You can buy more products from Mango here.


5) Wills Lifestyle:

ITC’s Wills Lifestyle has a premium wardrobe for men and women. It has a wide range from right from wills signature designer wear to Wills classic workwear, Wills sportswear and Wills club life (evening wear), with elegance and style that is effortless and chic.

For an example below is a charcoal grey checked mid-rise slim-fit trouser from wills lifestyle, you can style it with a nice formal shirt or top and accessories with minimalistic jewellery and a thin leather belt for a perfect office look.


formal slim fit trousers from wills lifestyle

You can buy more products here.


6) Van Heusen Woman:

PVH Corp., formerly known as the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, is an American clothing company which owns brands such as Van Heusen and many more. VanHeusenIndia is an initiative of Madura Fashion, a division of Aditya Birla group, after making some strong in house brands, it introduced premier international labels so that the Indian consumers can buy global fashionwear and accessories within the country.

Above is an example of a pink regular fit mid-rise solid formal trousers. If don’t like slim fit trousers than you can opt for a regular fit or straight fit trousers.  You can also add a colour pop if you like (just keep it pastel or earthy colours). pair it with contract shirt or top when you are heading out to meet your clients.


women's formal wear trouser by van heusen

 You can buy more from Van Heusen products here.


7) Esprit:

Esprit is an international fashion brand that represents style and quality. It is a San Francisco based brand and started in the year 1968.

Below is a navy blue top from Esprit. You can pair it with a formal trouser or linen pants for a comfortable office wear look.


formal blue top from esprit

You can buy more Esprit products here.


Above were few brands which I look forward to when I am shopping for western formal clothes, but there are many other in the market you can have a look here.


List of best brands for women’s formal wear in India ( Western )

Sr. No.

List of Brands

Online Sites to Check

Size Available

H & M H&M (India) / Myntra XXS to XXXL
2 Forever 21 Forever 21 (India) / Myntra / Amazon XS to XXXL
3 Mark and Spencer M&S (India ) / Ajio / Amazon / Myntra XXS to XXXL
4 Mango / Amazon / Myntra XS to XXL
5 Wills Lifestyle Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Flipkart XS to XL
6 Van Heusen Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Flipkart XS to XXL


Esprit Myntra XXS to XXL


Now let us have a look at a few brands with Ethnic/Indian formals:


8) Label Ritu Kumar:

Label by Ritu Kumar is a designer brand for urban Indian female. It is a global brand but its inspiration originates from Indian designs. Their stores are in major metro cities around the country but are also available online!

Below is an off-white and black striped tunic with embroidered detail by Label Ritu Kumar. You can wear it with leggings or style up with cotton pants.


Office wear Tunic by Ritu Kumar

You can buy more here.

I think you will also like my post about best dress by Ritu Kumar.

9) Fab India:

Fab India was established in 1960, today it has over 250 stores across India and abroad. Products of Fabindia are mainly sourced from villages helping to provide and sustain rural employment in India.

Below is an example of an A-line dress with pleated detail from Fab India.  You can style it with flats and nice Indo western Jewellery for your next office day look.

Fabindia office wear midi dress

You can buy more FabIndia products here.


10) Global desi:

Global desi was launched in 2007, the brand is currently available at over 140 exclusive brand outlets and over 400 multi-brand stores across the country. It is a colourful, boho-chic brand with global appeal.

Below is a printed short tunic with bell sleeves.

Short cotton top by Global desi

You can buy more Globel desi products here.

You can have a look at my article about the best kurtas by Global Desi too.

11) Biba:

Biba apparels were founded in 1988 in New Delhi. Its an Indian fashion brand for women and girls and has more than 150 brand outlets and 225 multi-brand outlets.

Below is a navy blue collared long kurta from Biba. You can wear it with leggings or cotton pants and style it with minimal Indian jewellery.


Dark blue long kurta by Biba

 You can buy more biba products here.

If you want to check other brands for kurti/kurta for female in India you can check my post on Best brands for kurtis in India.


12) W:

It was established in the year 2001 and is a part of Tcns clothing co. limited. Designers in W take inspiration from the latest fashion forecasts & trends from the west and transform them into and style acceptable to the modern women in India.

Below is an example of a palazzo with contrast hems from W, you can style it with a long kurta, beautiful Indian jewellery (don’t go overboard) and a dupatta if you wish.


 You can buy more products here.


Above were few brands which I look forward to when I am shopping for Indian/Ethnic formal clothes, but there are many other in the market you can have a look here.


List of best brands for women’s Indian formal wear.

Sr. No.

List of Brands

Online Sites to Check

Size Available

Label Ritu Kumar Ritu Kumar / Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Etc XS /to XXL
2 Fab India Ritu Kumar / Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Etc XS to XXXL
3 Global Desi Global desi / Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Etc XS to XXL
4 Biba Biba / Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Etc XS to XXXXL
5 W W / Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Flipkart Etc XXs to XXXXL
6 Vishudh Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Flipkart Etc S to XXL
7 Libas Libas / Ajio / Myntra / Amazon / Etc XS to XXXL
Okhai Okhai / Amazon / Nykaafashion / Tatacliq XS to XXL


Add on point:

You can also wear cotton/handloom saree for your office look. Wearing a saree can enhance your personality and you will look trendy at the same time. And if you want to carry it in professional style then go for shirt blouse,  round high neck blouse or the round collared one.

You can buy a handloom saree is your nearest fabindia store, nadiya par, nalli silk sarees etc or can also buy from online brands like the chalk boutique, margazhi designs etc.

Brands like indiepicks and amori also sometimes have some great collection of saree that too in budget. You can have a look here. 


There you have all the brands that I prefer when with it come to women’s formal wear in India and which are also available online! Now let us see a quick list of things you can buy under formal wear (which I also tried to cover with the brands) and will also discuss some do’s and don’t for your corporate daily life.


 list of things you can buy under Indian Formalwear:-


* Western Formals:

1) Top.

2) Shirts

3) Trousers.

4) Skirts.

5) Dress.

6) Blazer.

7) Cardigans.

*Ethnic Formal: 

1) Saree.

2) Kurtis.

3) Tunic (short/longs).

4) Dress.

5) Lowers ( Palazzo, Leggings, Chudidar, etc).


Additional Points to look good at work:

1) Always wear clean and ironed clothes:  Having clean and fresh clothes not only looks good but also leaves you feeling better about yourself and boosts self-confidence.

2) Avoid wearing bright/neon colours: You should also prefer to wear pastel or earthy colour clothes. Clothes that are too flashy can be distracting.

3) Always be comfortable: Keep your outfits simple and classic, do not wear anything that needs constant adjustments.

4) Wear well-fitted clothes: If your clothes are too tight or too loose they are not going to look good. Ensure everything you are wearing fits you properly.

5) Style your look with minimal accessories: Accessories are meant to complement your outfit, not overpower them. Such Daily-wear jewellery and accessories can be a great way to improve your look in the office.

6) Avoid applying loud makeup: Makeup should be neutral and natural.

7) Make sure to wear appropriate footwear: If you prefer to be more comfortable it’s entirely possible to look professional in flats. You have a variety of options in it like closed-toe, loafer-style, or pointy-toed options. Don’t wear heels unless you want, also make sure your footwear is polished and in good condition.

8) Wear a mild fragrance: Apply it judiciously for the office, some perfumes can trigger off allergies to the co-works, that can cause sniffling, dizziness, headaches, nausea and breathing problems.

9) And most important be confident and smile: Confidence is attractive, keep your shoulders relaxed and back, wear a warm smile.


I hope my article on the best brands for women’s formal wear has helped you to decided what to buy and where to buy it from to look chic and trendy in your office or for your next business meeting with your client.



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