Best Travel Backpack Brands In India.

Travel backpacks offer a number of benefits for all types of travellers and may be an attractive alternative to larger tote bags, duffel bags and miniature suitcases. Whether you’re travelling with a backpack over a long distance or travelling by plane with a small backpack as a carry-on, use a travel backpack designed with extra compartments and tight-fitting, portable style to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

What’s a Travel Backpack?

Before we continue, let’s define what a travel backpack is. Just so there’s no confusion.

A bag that is thoughtfully designed to withstand the rigours of the road, with pockets and compartments to help you stay organized in your travels and that you strap to your back to carry.

Not all travel backpacks are created equal. Here is a list of brands that make different types of travel backpack in India.

List of Best Travel Backpack Brands In India.

Sr No.



Backpacks They Offer

1 American Tourister Pocket Friendly – Moderate School/college, Laptop and Day packs.
2 Aristocrat Pocket Friendly School/college, Laptop, Casual and Rucksack.
3 AmazonBasics Pocket Friendly – Moderate Casual, Laptop, Rucksack and Trekking and Camera.
4 Deuter Moderate – Expensive Hiking, Trekking and Travelling.
5 F Gear  Pocket Friendly School/college, Laptop, Trekking, Anti-theft, Etc.
6 Forclaz Moderate Travel & Trekking Backpacks.
7 Quechua Pocket Friendly Travel, Trekking & Hiking Backpacks.
8 Safari Pocket Friendly Casual, Laptop, Concept bags, Overnighters & Rucksack.
9 Sky bags Pocket Friendly School/college, Laptop and Rucksack.
10 Trawoc Pocket Friendly Rucksack, Weekends and Executive
11 Wildcraft Moderate – Expensive School/college, Casual, Laptop, Rucksack and Trekking

Let us discuss all the brands in detail.

1) American Tourister

American Tourister is a luggage brand owned by Samsonite. It was established in the year 1933 in Rhode Island, United States.

Under this brand, you can get softside and hardside luggage, duffel bags, wallets and backpacks in a variety of bold colours and finishes

American Tourister

Check out the full collection of American Tourister traveller bags here.


2) Aristocrat

Aristocrat was established almost around 40 years ago and is now a part of VIP Industries Limited.

They offer everything from backpacks, hard/soft luggage uprights, duffel trolleys, office bags, overnighters, suitcases and briefcases.


Check out the full collection of Aristocrat backpack here.


3) AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is one of Amazon’s private-label brands.

The brand has everything from kitchen gadgets to tech accessories — and everything in between.

In the backpack, they have everything from school and colleges bags, casual and laptop bags, rucksack and trekking. They also have an amazing range of camera bags.



Check out the full collection of Amazon Basic backpacks here.


4) Deuter

Deuter is a German-based brand established in the year 1898. It is one of the leading manufacturers of extremely high-quality backpacks, from trekking backpacks and bike backpacks to children’s backpacks.


Check out the Deuter store here.


5) F Gear

F Gear was founded by Anshul Jindal and Ruchi Jindal in the year 2002

Under this brand, you can get everything from college and laptop backpacks to Anti-theft and trekking backpacks and military to canvas backpacks

All F gear backpacks and travel bags have been designed and “Made In India.”

F Gear travel bags

View their full collection here.


6) Forclaz

Forclaz is a sub-brands of the Quechua.  Forclaz is more specialised in mountain trekking. The brand has more technical properties like high breathability, quick-drying, water repellent coating etc, which helps in high altitude.

So if you are looking for a rucksack for your next trek, you should differently check this brand out.

Forclaz travel backpack

Check out the entire collection of Forclaz here.

7th brand in the list of best travel backpack brands in India is non-other than Quechua.

7) Quechua

The brand was created as a brand in the year 1997 in Domancy, France. By 2003 it was one of the top 10 largest global brands in mountain gear.

You get everything you need for hiking right from clothes and footwear to rucksacks and camping tents. It’s a complete 1 stop shop for all your hiking and trekking needs.

Quechua travel backpack

Check out the entire collection of Quechua here.


8) Safari

Safari Industries was started as a partnership firm in 1974 to manufacture plastic moulded luggage.

In the backpack, they have everything from everyday casual backpacks, laptop backpacks, concept bags, overnighters and rucksack.

Safari travel bags

Check out the full collection of Safari backpacks here.


9) Sky bags

Skybags is part of VIP Industries. VIP Industries is India’s largest luggage and travel accessories manufacturer company. It was established the year 1971. Since then, the company has recorded a sale of around 100 million pieces of luggage worldwide

Under this brand, you can also get softside and hardside luggage, duffel bags, rucksacks and backpacks

Skybags travel bags

Check out the full collection of Skybags here.

10) Trawoc

Trawoc was established in the year 2016 with the aim of making affordable yet stylish and ergonomically designed trekking bags for hill climbing.

They offer backpacks in 3 categories Rucksack ( for hiking, trekking camping), Weekends (for a day tour or camping for a few days) and Executive (laptop and work bags).



Check out the entire collection of Trawoc here.


11) Wildcraft

Wildcraft was started in the late 1990s as a hobby among a group of friends in a small garage in Jayanagar, Bengaluru, today it has over 130 exclusive stores and over 3,000 multi-branded stores in over 400 cities of the country.


Wildcraft for Best Travel Backpack Brands In India

Explore the full collection of wildcraft backpacks here.

I hope you liked my article on Best Travel Backpack Brands In India, please let me know if you have any other queries on backpacks or rucksacks I will love to answer them.


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