Beach Dresses for Women in India

Last week one of my friends was travelling to Goa and I was helping her pack her bags for the same. She wanted to look trendy and stylish and still wanted to pack light so that she can buy and get some goodies from there without paying for extra luggage. So I thought of writing a blog on beach dresses for women in India.

These days a lot of people from India are travelling to beaches in and abroad India, places from Pondicherry and Kerala to Bali, Phuket, Maldives, Phi phi islands and so are on the top of travel’s list.

If you are one of them with a beach vacation approaching and are wondering what to wear to not only look stylish but be comfortable then this post is for you! I have been to many beaches over the past few years and I have made a list of these are six looks that will definitely help you look great.

(Have added a quick do’s and don’t at the bottom of the blog just for your final check)


Six Beach Dresses for Women in India:

1. Maxi dress

A loose and flowy ankle or floor-length dress usually made of cotton or polyester should be preferred. They are the best casual dining at a beach shack or a restaurant.

Maxi Beach Dresses for Women in India

If you want to explore some maxi dress online you can click here.


2. Kaftan dress

Kaftan dress can look very trendy if styled nicely. You can get kaftan in a variety of styles right from short tops to long dresses you can pair them with shorts or wear as it is.

Kaftan Dress for Beach in India

3. Sundress

Sundress is short, light and loose-fitting cotton dresses. They are easy to carry and quick to dry. Perfect for a beach vacation. You can wear them anywhere to a beach or a restaurant, a party with friends or on a date. You can buy them online from the below sites.

What Sundress you should wear on a Beach

 If you want to check out and explore more you can check it out here.


4. Cotton/Denim shorts with tops

Cotton/linen loose fitted shorts or denim can also be a great choice. Playful in looks and also comfortable, pair them up with a basic t-shirt or casual tops and you are all set for a bike ride or a fun game on the beach.

What Shorts you should wear on a Beach

5. Wide leg/Harem Pants

Loose fitted trousers with some cool strappy or a racerback top are best in a hot humid climate. They are perfect day look, add a shrug/shirt over it if you want to secure yourself fully from the sun. You can buy them online also you can find them here.

Loose fitted pants for Women in India


6. Playsuits

Playsuits are basically a type of jumpsuit in which the top is attached with shorts they look super cute and are very comfortable, are good options for beach coz you don’t have to worry about the wind. They are cool casual wear till the time you don’t have to go in the water because changing them or going for nature’s call can be a bit of a problem.
I really like the below-mentioned playsuit is from Mango, it’s fun and fresh but you can find a few more options here.

Play suit for Beach in India


Few more Styling Tips:

7. FlipFlops

Do carry a nice pair of a strong and sturdy flip flop because good footwear is a must to finish a look. And you don’t want to spoil your regular footwear in sand and water. You can find them here.

Footwear for Beach

Here is a quick list of Beach dresses for Women in India:


Sr No.


1 Maxi Dress
2 Kaftan Dress
3 Sun Dress
4 Cotton and Denim shorts
5 Wide leg / Harem pants
6 Playsuits

Do’s and Don’t for your beach Vacation


  • Carry light and quick to dry cloths.

    Carry clothes made of soft cotton, polyester, etc they light in weight and easy to clean. Even if they get drenched in the beach or pool they will dry quickly.

  • Carry light Color Clothes.

    Carry garments inner and outer with light colours. Light colours reflect light and do not absorb heat, which is better for your skin.

  • Carry a good sunscreen.

    Do remember to carry a good sunscreen with you. The sun on the beach is harsh and they are
    chances that you will get tanned or get a sunburn.

  • Carry a nice Tote bag or Backpacks.

    I recommend carrying a bag big enough to keep all your stuff safe and with you.

  • Carry all basic accessories.

    Carry a few accessories that keep you safe from the Sun, like a 100% UV protected sunglasses, a nice soft cotton scarf, a hat or a cap if needed.



  • Thick fabrics are strictly NO NO

    Don’t carry fabrics like corduroy or denim if not need. They are heavy to carry and even takes time to dry.

  • Real jewellery.

    Avoid wearing real gold or diamond jewellery on the beach. There are chances that it might get stolen or lost. It’s always better safe than sorry.

  • Avoid dark colours.

    As discussed above, it’s always better to wear light colour inner and outerwear on hot and humid places.

  • Avoid Jumpsuits.

    It’s better if you avoid full-length jumpsuits on the beach because the sand can cause itchiness, but the final decision is yours, anything looks good if you are comfortable in it.

  • Avoid Sports shoes/Sneakers.

    You should never wear shoes/sneakers on the beach because they will get sand in them which you will never be able to get rid of fully.

There you have it, quick and easy tips for a stylish beach vacation. I hope this post of beach dresses for women in India has helped you determine what to wear on your trip so that you can enjoy the breeze, beach and sand and still look trendy in selfies!

If you need help on specific outfits or have other questions on how to look stylish while travelling, make sure to leave me a comment below!


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